Defenders of True Artisanship

The name of our business is Marcopoloni but many of our customers, and even many of our friends, call us Marcopolini. So we have bought the domain and included a link here to send you to the actual web site.

We do need this domain to test new features. In fact, it is not out of the question that you will be able to preview some of those features here.


We love MongoDB

Sure, we know other technologies as well, but we have become big fans of MongoDB because MongoDB listens to us and gets us involved every step of the way. And, oh! Did I mention the swag?

We are independent MongoDB experts who met at MongoDB World. Since then, we have created a mastermind group to continuously challenge one another to find new ways to solve difficult problems. We also help in our local communities by helping organize MUG events and offering to speak at meetings.

We want to use this venue to help the community. Whether through showing seasoned engineers how to come up to speed on new features or guiding newbies through the entire learning process, we envision tools that will enable us all to thrive. Click here to sign up to our community.

Longitude first, MongoDB style!


Find MongoDB talent worldwide

Sometimes it is hard to find the right resource: if you are looking for MongoDB experience, you can search our database of MongoDB engineers.


Have a team of experts solve your MongoDB challenges

When your challenges are too complicated, turn to a team of global experts. Your big problems is what we train for every day. When things are particularly tough we cooperate on solutions. Having different experienced points of view look at the same problem leads to productive cooperation and creative answers.